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7 artists, 6 projects, 1 dramaturg
Exploring Interdisciplinary Dramaturgy

The Interdisciplinary Writers’ Unit (also known as Project M45) at Playwrights' Workshop Montreal (PWM) is made up of 7 brilliant artists, 6 projects and 1 dramaturg who have met as a group every 6-8 weeks for almost 2 years to share work and process. Formed to support the development of non text-centric work, and driven by my curiosity to investigate the role of dramaturgy in interdisciplinary creation and development, this unit brings together artists drawing on practises as diverse as performance art, animation, circus, astrophysics, painting, interactive media design, drawing, playwriting, installation design, movement, and shadow puppetry. This website will serve as a container not only to hold information about each artist and project but also to collect ongoing reflections on the development process of these dynamic interdisciplinary works. ----Sarah Elkashef (Dramaturg)

We acknowledge the support of the Canada Council for the Arts, which last year invested $153 million to bring the arts to Canadians throughout the country.

The Projects


The Secrets of Naming Clouds




The Sitter

Pictures from the May 11th public presentation at the Bain Mathieu

The Artists

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Leslie Baker

Leslie Baker (BFA, MA, MFA) is a creator, performer, Six Viewpoints instructor and movement coach in traditional theatrical and site-specific contexts. Her creations have toured to various festivals in Canada, Europe and the United States.
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Kerri Flannigan is a Victoria-based interdisciplinary artist who explores methods of experimental narrative and documentary through drawing, projection, and performance. She is currently creating a performance to be shown at Intrepid Theatre (Victoria, BC).
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Krin Haglund

Krin Haglund, award-winning circus performer, creator and artistic director of The Radiant, infuses character and story with acrobatic circus performance. Krin’s work includes The Rendez-Vous, Cirque PROM and Eat Sweet Feet.
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Emilie Monnet

Emilie Monnet is an interdisciplinary artist whose work is at the intersection of theatre, performance and media arts. She founded Onishka Productions in 2011 to create and present to favour collaborative and decolonising processes of creation that infuse the dialogue with new perspectives of our world today.
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Naïma Kristel Phillips

Naïma Kristel Phillips is a playwright and interdisciplinary artist committed to finding innovative ways of portraying human existence. She is currently directing a project on the Nobel Prize-winning discovery of the accelerating universe.
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Karen Elaine Spencer

karen elaine spencer is an artist. spencer lives in montréal, québec. the temperature dips to minus 24 celsius in the winter. meaning you don’t want to be sitting outside for long in the winter months.
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Emma Tibaldo

Emma Tibaldo is a theatre artist who works as a director, dramaturg and creator. She has worked at theatres across Canada. She loves to sing with her band.
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Fatma Sarah Elkashef

Sarah Elkashef is a theatre artist, primarily a dramaturg, working in new play development and interdisciplinary creation. Sarah was born in the U.K., lived in NYC for a decade, and is currently based in Montreal. She leads the Interdisciplinary Writers’ Unit at Playwrights’ Workshop Montreal.

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The Process

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