The Secrets of Naming Clouds

The Secrets of Naming Clouds is a performance accompanied by moving image work, projections, sound and live-narration. The performance draws on utopic universal languages such as Blissymbols, an ‘anti-word’ language designed to eradicate miscommunication and Láadan, a feminist language created to end patriarchy. These idealized forms of communication are interwoven with coming of age stories; homevideos and choreographed dances, dating bans, classroom conversations on consent, teen-girl vigilantes and a family trip to LA in pursuit of minor celebrity Adam Sessler, my sister's crush.

The performance collages video, filmic, and performance vocabularies. Ways of communicating are investigated through the act of interfering and revealing projected imagery, layers images and using the figure. Props such as paper, masks, and rolls of paper, sheets, and mirrors are used improvisationally. I use my body like a cut out, I narrate, dance, operate equipment and re-arrange the ‘stage’ collapsing roles between front and back stage, performer and technician.

sound by Saturniid
dramaturgy by Sarah Elkashef
text editing by Kristin Li
with direction by Kevin Kerr

Kerri Flannigan

Kerri Flannigan is a Victoria-based interdisciplinary artist, originally from Deep River, Ontario. Through drawing, projection, and performance, Flannigan explores methods of experimental narrative and documentary; Grounded in both personal history and in-depth research, her recent body of work examines family mythologies, coming of age confessions, the limits of language and the complicated spaces occupied by the 'abnormal' (disabled) body and mind. Flannigan has shown locally and internationally, receiving a CALQ Multidisciplinary Arts Grant (2011) and Best English Zine at the Expozine Awards (2011 and 2014). She is currently creating a performance for her MFA defense at Intrepid Theatre (Victoria, BC).