The Interdisciplinary Writers’ Unit public presentation at the Bain Mathieu

On May 11th at the Bain Mathieu we introduced excerpts from new works in progress by the Interdisciplinary Writers' Unit to the public. It was exciting to have the opportunity to share and test the work with an audience, in most cases for the first time. Many of the pieces are still in the thick of development and the work will now continue with the benefit of having been shared with a crowd early in the process. There are many challenges to sharing the process of interdisciplinary work and so it happens rarely. It can and did require experienced technicians, crew and a well equipped venue to show what amounts to a "draft" of a work because most of the artists are using a variety of tools to create narrative in addition to writing. Playwrights' Workshop Montreal is dedicated to the creation of new work for performance and as part of that initiative we will continue to develop the work of interdisciplinary artists. Stay tuned for news of our next Interdisciplinary Writer's Unit in the Fall of 2016.

Photos: Alexandre Galliez